Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting.

 BJJ advocates that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent by using proper technique, leverage, and submissions.


Correct use of joint- locks and choke-holds will always defeat an opponent once the fight hits the ground. Used in self-defense, BJJ finds purpose. Not solely a martial arts, BJJ is a sport promoting physical fitness and one which builds strong character.


BJJ fast becomes a way of life.


Our kids classes are designed to develop your child’s coordination, confidence and discipline in a safe, supervised, friendly and most importantly..... a fun environment!

We focus on physical fitness, self-defenceand building confidence. We helps children to proactively deal with conflict situations,  champion new skills and make lifelong friendships.


Our classes can offer the following benefits:

  • Weight loss and fat loss

  • Overall body and core strength

  • Improved cardiovascular endurance

  • Improved flexibility, balance and coordination

  • Effective self-defence techniques

  • Stress and mental health management

  • Self-discipline, concentration and motivation

  • Self-confidence

Our classes are open to all students, no matter the age or fitness level.

At Jean Jacques Machado BJJ Perth you will roll with students of all grade levels, increase your fitness, learn life skills and master new techniques as well as becoming part of our family.


  • $35 wk - Join with a friend

Both must sign up to be valid

(Lock in contract) ​

  • $45 wk - Unlimited classes

 (Lock in contract) 

  • $50 wk - Unlimited classes

 (No lock in contract) 

  • Discount rates if paid in full for 6-12 months

  • 10% off for families

  • Adults casual class - $25 per class

  • Kids class - $20 per class

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